Friday, August 13, 2010

Sewing with Knits

Recently I've been inspired by a bunch of Crafty Mamas to start sewing with knits. Here are a few of my adventures.

This is Ottobre 4/2009 LIttle Maid shirt. Lovely pattern but the horse print is a rib and I think I stretched it a bit while sewing so it doesn't sit perfectly. I am going to try it again with a sturdier knit.

This is an IMKE from Sewing Clothes Kids Love. This is becoming a favourite and I've already made three! I only have pics of two though as the third one was a present for someone and I forgot to photograph before we gave it!

Here is Miss E's IMKE

Purple is Stella knit from Crafty Mamas shop and the pink is from the op shop :)

And here's Mr O's IMKE

And yes, he *wanted* to look like a stunned mullet in the photo. With milo on his face. The pattern knit has ninjas all over it so he loooooooves it.

I think I have to learn more about how to use my overlocker though - it's not being nice to me :)

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