Monday, August 2, 2010

Making do with what's in the shed.

Miss E has been very helpful with hanging out and bringing in the clothes lately. After I picked her up for the 2nd time yesterday to peg a washer on the line, and heard my spine creak under the pressure, I decided it would be better Workplace Health and Safety Practice if I made her a clothesline her own size.

I My initial thought process was "Where will I get one? How much will it cost? Maybe there's an second hand one on ebay? I'll scour the markets next Sunday morning?" None of these thoughts were satisfying as I needed (or, rather, my back needed) a child-sized clothesline *immediately*!

I caught sight of some garden stakes and I had an A-ha moment! "A-ha!" I thought. "I shall build one myself!" So I did, with two timber garden stakes, some galvanised wire, electrical tape (to cover pointy bits), pliers and a sledge hammer. Within 5 minutes she had her dream clothesline and was happily pinning up socks and undies.

Then Miss E said "I need a basket Mummy" and I remembered that I had an old basket with two handles, not unlike a laundry basket, that we had got a Christmas hamper in many years ago. Perfect! So there *is* a good reason to keep things :-)

I am loving myself sick over this! And more importantly, MIss E is in hanging-out heaven. Win-win.

Thanks for looking.


zofia said...

Clever mama. And your back thanks you!
I'm going to make one of these when it warms up for my 'little helper'. Great stuff!

Liz said...

What a great idea! And a gorgeous little helper you have there :)

Juanita said...

You are a marvel chicky! I could so do that! And it would save me hanging out the billion undies and socks this family goes thru yay!

Marie said...

What a clever chook you are. Your DD looks extrememly pleased with herself.

Julie said...

you have no idea how many times I've meant to ask you about this mini-clothesline in your backyard! well done you thrifty, clever mama!! AND you get help with hanging the clothes! win win!!

Lesley said...

Love it!! Wonder if I made the line a bit shorter, teenagers would hang them up???

Kat said...

It's worth a try Lesley! :)