Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bunny, bunny, bunny . . .

It's so funny . . .


Here is a lovely little frock I whipped up tonight for the Crafty Mamas March Challenge. Theme was BUNNY GOODNESS.

I found this lovely cot sheet in a Vinnie's a couple of months ago and decided it would be too cute not to make into something. I made all my binding from some vintage fabric I got from a friend and basically just did a pillowcase dress with elastic in a casing at the front and back and bound armholes. I'm quite happy with how it turned out and glad I put the little bunny off to the side a bit. So all up it cost me $4 (the sheet) and some thread and my time. Miss E will have a lovely dress to wear over the Easter break. Very happy here. Plus, I've entered my first CM Challenge! Yay!

Thanks for Looking :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

My first Enid

I finally took the plunge and drafted my first pattern! It is the shortie nightie and pants set - I think it's from the sleepwear book.

I am quite proud of myself as I've never drafted anything before and it went really well.

The only mistake I made was in the construction - I didn't gather the front anywhere near enough so it was HUGE! So I made another casing with some bias and put elastic in - but I botched that too and tried ot extend it and . . . . well it was a bit of a disaster. You can see that the neckline doesn't sit properly - but I will redo it soon. Yes. I will.

I promise.

Here are the pics.

A big thank you to my wonderful Auntie Robin for sending me her old Enids. Thanks Auntie Rob!!

And also thanks to the wonderful gals on Crafty Mamas especially Tracy, for all their help and encouragement.

And I've also just finished my first Ottobre pattern -a shirt for Master O - and it is fantastic even if I do say so myself :) Great cut and wonderful design - glad I'm not quite a novice though as I'd probably give up halfway through. Pics to come when I can get them!

hugs to all