Tuesday, February 24, 2009

6th photo

This is my little man over a year and a half ago! My, how he has grown! Here he is with his gorgeous cheeky smile - his hair has darkened somewhat since then and his features are less baby-like and more boy-like.

This was taken exactly two months after his sister was born - lovely times!

Now - I tag Krissy, Ruth, Sam, Kate, Liz and Sara. Phew! Found six :)

hugs to all

I've been tagged by Mel

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2. Select the 6th folder.

3. Select the 6th photo from that folder.

4. Post and explain about that picture.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Unfortunately . . . . ."

I'm playing along with this

You have to do a search for "unfortunately, (your name)" and see what comes up. Here's the best I found.

"Unfortunately, Kathryn, our genitalia moves around during the day and requires several adjustments, sometimes in public to avoid total discomfort."

Really? How interesting!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bushfire Toys

While the crafty Mamas forum was out of action I was quite busy. It's amazing what I can achieve when I have no distractions :) Here are some lovely little chickens - I made four - they are so cute and they fit into the palm of my hand. They each have a little stuffed heart in their front pocket. I got the pattern from here. It is so cute and very easy to whip up. I thought they might be good for kids as they are small enough to put in pockets. Thinking of putting a little note in each pocket too. What do you think? Sort of treat these little chickens like they're "worry dolls" - a little friend for the kids to talk to.

I also made a few sock creatures. The grey, stripey one was from bits of sock left over so he was just made up with what was left. Mr O did the eye placement and mouth placement - he loves it and I think is a bit sad that he is going. The black one was just a design I'd wanted to try. He was going to be a cyclops but DH thought he looked funny with only one eye. I am thinking of doing adoption certificates or info/care booklets to go with them - this is what I did for my nieces/nephews ones. Do you think that would be alright?

Here's the black one - what do you think I should call him? I'm stumped on this one.

and here's the grey one

Stripey McStumpyton? Ideas?

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A young boy's perspective.

We were at the physio last week. O was sitting on the floor playing with the toys and the physio and I were talking while observing him. He was playing with two knight figures. Here's the conversation

Physio: What are you playing with O?
O: this Knight. He's on a horse. He's black and he's got a dress on. (holding up the black knight whose horse had a black coat on) And this one (holding up the silver knight) is the morning coz he's not black.

Oh - my lovely boy! I love your perspective.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Victorian Bushfires - Handmade Help

Hi all - feeling at a huge loss as to what I can do to help with the horror of the bushfires currently raging in Victoria.

Have a look at the Handmade Help blog - the idea that a lot of crafty people can work together to sell items to raise money for the victms, or to make some things to send to the people who have lost everything - especially the children.


click on the button above to go to the Handmade Help blog to see how you can help.

Prayers and thoughts with all the people touched by this terrible tragedy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A new hairdo

I'm thinking of getting a new hairdo, but I'm just not sure which of the three above I should go for. Perhaps the little dude in the red? Hmmm . . . I'm thinking they'll all be high maintenance though.

what do you think?