Monday, September 17, 2012

Sewing list for Miss E

Miss E loves skirts and dress, not too fond of shorts and pants.  So I would really like to whip her up some lovely simple dresses to get her through the holidays and beyond.

Here's my list for her . . .


And how cute is this??

Source: via Kathryn on Pinterest

I have lots of doilies, so this one should be high on my list!

This one could use up some old tshirts lying around . .

I think she would love this . . .

And last one . . . .

That should keep me busy :-)

Sewing list for me.

And hello again!  After another long absence, I am back on my blog and all inspired to get into the whole sewing thing again.  Our final ever renovation/extension has been completed and I have my own little room in which to craft away the coming September/October school holidays.  What better way to get back into blog-land than to make myself a list of sewing projects?  So here goes in no particular order . . .

Number 1
I need to finish this shirt from Hot Patterns.  I made a practice one a couple of years ago and I love it.  Time to make a real one!
Number 2

I think this top looks really simple to make and could be quite flattering. Only one way to find out!

Number 3

Another wonderfully easy to follow tutorial that I'm hoping will get me churning out a few work shirts.

Number 4

This one I'm thinking could also be a work shirt if made in nice enough fabric.  What do you think?  Otherwise I'll be churning them out in a few different colours ready for summer.

I will post pics as I finish a project.  Only 5 more sleeps till holidays!