Thursday, October 30, 2008

Updated Oppy Finds

Here are some better pics of everything I got for $5 from the Salvo's last week.
The jersey, clouds, pink fleecy cotton and red t'shirt fabrics.
The placemats, tablecloth (to become arons) and two lovely little linen/cotton tablecloths (will become dresses for Eliza). Second pic the detail of the embroidery and edges.
Four pillow cases - cream damask, yellow with kite, purple and purple flowers - all to become dresses or pyjamas for Eliza.

And the blue floral cotton, blue/pink pillowcase and pink crinkle cotton which I think must have been a table cloth in a past life.

I will be adding some more photos of what I picked up at a little local church op-shop. I have to go back there without kids as it is almost literally a hole in the wall and there is very little room in the shop. But there was a treasure trove of things there - will post pics later.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pay it Forward

I decided to take part in this cool concept over on KaM's blog. So all you have to do it comment on this post. The first 3 people who post a comment will receive something handmade from me within the next 365 days. The only condition being that you also participate and make something for three other people too. Fun, hey? woot woot!

So come on!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oppy Finds!

I went to the local Salvo's warehouse the other day, inspired by lots of posts on the Crafty Mamas forum. I trawled through a big crate of manchester and found the following little treasures.
A lovely piece of red t-shirt material, a piece of musky pink fleece and a really nice deep rose pink piece of knit which feels like it might be a light jersey - it's heavier than the red though.

Then I found this old tablecloth which I will be transforming into a couple of aprons - one for me and one for one of my besties - we always reminisce about our mothers' seersucker tablecloths. I don't know about you but we had many in this style with these lovely colours!

I'm excited about this piece - cloud fabric! I'm thinking art smocks for my kids and perhaps some pyjamas. What do you think? It's a nice medium-weight cotton.

And these placemats - might become little wallets or handbags? They're a synthetic with lace edging.
I also got 4 or so pillow cases, another piece of pale pink crinkle cotton and two lovely white with lace edging table cloths (small) which will be making themselves into little dresses for my baby girl. How much you ask? For all of this . . . . . . $5!!!!!!!!!
I know - I was so excited you nearly had to strap me down! Then as we'd exchausted the manchester bin I found an UNOPENED game of baby 6-pin bowling - fabric pins and fabric ball. Still in a packet albeit the packet was damaged - $5! So I had to have it - will go to my new niece/nephew when they're born at Christmas.
The other bits I am going to photograph in a minute and then add here - the pillowcases were so cute! I then went to local lifeline this morning - got a few things but nowhere near as exciting! Will post pics of them later too.

Friday, October 17, 2008

What to do?

We are generally a "no ice-cream family". Because if we buy it, it just gets eaten. Really quickly. So better not to have it in the house.

We only ever buy it if we have people coming over - which leads to my problem. We had this tiny bit of ice-cream left in the freezer, so I bought some ice magic and I hid it so that (a) it wouldn't look me in the face every time I opened the pantry and (b) my husband didn't eat it before I'd had a chance :) So I really enjoyed my bit of leftover ice-cream with choc-mint ice magic. However, I was left with a 3/4 full bottle of ice-magic with no ice-cream.

Of course I had to buy some more ice-cream and yes, thank you, that ice magic was yummy and is now gone.

My dilemma - I now have a nearly full tub of ice-cream which, clearly is yelling out to be slathered in ice magic.

Do you see the horrible vicious circle?????????

I am now on come-down from ice-magic. I always know it's going to happen but something in me just reaches out and grabs that bottle off the shelf.

Can you relate to this?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Move over Batman! Make room for Boy Wonder!

As you may have realised, O is a big Batman nut. Not the new one . .. no . . . he's a hardcore 60's Batman fan. He has owned a brown teddy since he was born. Its name *was* Dudley but in the last 12 months has changed to Parb. Yes. I know.

DH and I were talking about how cute it would be if Parb had a Robin costume as O loves wearing his $2 Batman mask from Kmart (the one in the cake photos from his birthday).

So this morning, while E was asleep, O "helped" me make this.

Isn't he cute??

Once Robin-Parb was finished O decided that Puppy (his other but definitely 2nd favourite bedtime toy) needed a batman costume. Well I didn't have enough black felt to do an elaborate batman costume but O and I came up with this.

Only a cape and a mask but O was happy with that. We decided it would be too hard to make the pointy batman ears.

Here they are together. I know that, strictly speaking, Batman is taller - but Puppy's had a bit of neck-hugging action over the last four or so years so he's looking a leeetle bit limp.

And finally, an action shot of the Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder fighting crime on our deck.

It was a lovely morning of crafty/sewing goodness. O actually used my sewing machine for the first time and I think he was a bit awed by the power! Which is good because it means he probably won't want to fiddle with it when I'm not there. Young Lady however, I'm going to have to watch . . .

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October Reno

O's table and chairs (from IKEA) were getting a bit the worse for wear so I decided to do a bit of a revamp.

They are this design from IKEA. Here's what they looked like before this afternoon . . .

And here they are now with beautiful new covering!

Not bad for $4 worth of book covering. O chose Batman for the chairs and Spiderman for the table top. It was a lovely crafty bonding session for mother and son - we had a great time taking chairs and table apart, covering the chipboard and then reassembling the bits.

I thoroughly recommend the table and chairs and also the revamp. As you can see though, the wood now looks like it needs a major paint job. Perhaps we'll do that too . . . . one day!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thanks lovely Kate!

Thanks to lovely Kate from Boutique Ribbons and Clever Charts I now have a Works in Progress Tool bar on my blog!

This is very exciting to me! Hopefully it will help to motivate me to get all my things done that I have on my long list of crafty projects.

Thanks Kate!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I've been watching quite a bit of the 1960's Batman movie - O's favourite at the moment :)

Here are some of my favourite lines.

Batman: Somes days you just can't get rid of a bomb!

Batman: What has yellow skin and can write?
Robin: A Banana ballpoint pen!
Batman: Yes.

Robin: Holy Heart-failure!

I will add more as I think of them. Ah - so kitsch, so funny and so hilarious!

This is a link to the bomb scene. At the moment my favourite scene.

I haven't worked out how to put youtube on my blog yet. Will change it when I have it sorted.