Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Handmade Dress Patterns GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

The Handmade Dress Patterns GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Awww! I love these patterns. What a great giveaway!

Kindy Costumes - finally finished!

I have posted previously about my wonderful Auntie and how she gave me her Enid Gilchrist magazines. I love them. And I love her!! Here are a few pics of the latest (and last) of the Kindy dressups I made for them. Yes, I know it's near the end of the year and Oscar will be leaving in a month (!!) but I said I'd make them so I had to follow through. That will teach me for being enthusiastic and saying, "Yes sure I’ll make you six aprons, six oven mitts, 4 vests, 2 mechanics outfits, two doctors' coats and two pairs of chaps as well as sew up 6 kindy sheet sets." Easy!

Here’s a pic of O in the Mechanic’s outfit. I used an Enid Gilchrist pattern and modified it by adding length to the jumpsuit. I think the legs turned out a bit funny because I trimmed them before sewing the inner seam – shouldn’t have done that! So now the legs aren’t even length. Hmmmmm – in the photo from behind you can see how it rides up a bit. Not sure if that’s just the fact that O’s wearing shorts and t-shirt underneath or my bad sewing!

And here is a pic just of the outfit – without the boy :)

Thanks again Auntie Robin for your precious Enids.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas Bling

Look at all these lovelies! I had a beading night with my beading buddy the other night and made these! 20 pairs of Christmas sparkliness - 10 each in gold an silver finishes. I'm thinking $8AUD per pair plus postage. What do you think?
Here are a few closeups for you.
They are my versions of stylised Christmas Trees and little piles of Presents. I really enjoyed making them. Let me know if you'd like some :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I won I won!!


Sam, from Jetta's Nest, won the competition to have her design printed on the BrisStylettes bag and I won a bag when they're printed!

I am so excited!

Thanks BrisStylettes :) hope to see you all at the market on Dec 4th.

Go and check out the awesome women on the BrisStylettes blog - amazingly wonderful crafty creative women! And then come to the market and buy lots of stuff!

Woooooooo hooooooooo!