Sunday, May 31, 2009


I'm going to be part of the SEWN blog party! Isn't it exciting??

Just leave a comment here on my blog and I will draw a winner on June 8 and you will win some of my handmade jewellery :) Your choice - have a look at what I have on my blog and see what you like. If nothing takes your fancy, just let me know what style of jewellery you like and I can do something in that style.


so go and have a look at the SEWN site - looks like it will be lots of fun!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Regular Rhythm Restored

Tried the dress and jacket on Miss E last night sans Wondersuit and it fits beautifully! Phew!

So here are some pretty bad photos of her with it on Thursday night - she's very grumpy and it's no wonder as she spent Friday vomiting! But is better today so the party must go on tomorrow!
And no, she won't be wearing the duckies pyjama pants as part of her ensemble. :-) The patterns are from Ottobre Design 3/09 - Three-way Dress (18.) and Jacket "Poet" (19.)
Thanks for Looking.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Heart Palpitations

I've started having them!

Because the beautiful little jacket I just finished for E to wear to her birthday party on Sunday just might be too small!! She seems to be a bit wider in the chest even though I made the 98cm - have made her 92cm shirts but different fit I guess. And it was really really hard. But it is so cute and just so beautiful.

Am staying calm because I *did* put it on over her pj's tonight so will wait for tomorrow and try it on with the dress.

Calm, blue ocean. Calm, blue ocean.

On another note - here are the party bags I've made for sunday. Because we're (I say "we" but of course I mean "I") having a Tea for Two theme as Miss E turns that magical number. So the party bags are teatowels from Big W - you know the standard red, blue and green checked ones that I've made into aprons with just the plain white tape that you can buy from woolies. I based it on this tute and they worked out really well. Each child gets the apron and in one of the pockets is a biscuit cutter and a laminated biscuit recipe card. In the other pocket is a snaplock bag of lollies. They ended up folding up really neatly so I'm pretty chuffed with how they look and I think they'll be well received. The little tags have pics of E in a chef's hat and says "thanks for coming to my party" - with each child's name on the back of the tag in nikko pen. Some pics below.

And just because I can't keep it a secret anymore- here are some pics of what Miss E is getting for her birthday. When we drop O off at Kindy she heads straight for home corner and checks out the dolls in the big cradle then has to touch every dial and knob on the oven/ microwave/sink/fridge and then open every door several times. She then checks out the pretend fruit and then I have to grab her and leave! So here's what we've got her. We got it last weekend and put it together and it is currently hiding under a sheet in the office.

It's a bit pink, isn't it? And I'm thinking that eventually I will paint over the Barbie logo and put her name there.

Anyway - I know she's going to love it even though it goes against the feminist grain somewhat. However, she'll love it and that's that :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

I have been sewing up a storm!

Yes I have! And here are some pictures to prove it.

I found a whole heap of fleecy backed tracksuiting at the local lifeline. It wasn't a complete steal (hence I haven't blogged about it!) but it was in great ocndition and hadn't been washed or cut so I bought it. I made the purple trackies above and have made another three pairs out of the other colours I also snaffled at said Lifeline shop. Miss E is desperately in need of some long winter pants to dag around in as she is growing like a weed!

The chef's hat she is wearing is actually a birthday present for a niece - I made her an apron out of the same fabric for Christmas so this should be winging its way to her very soon!

And this photo just because my children are cute :) And yes, we peel our mushrooms. I know some people don't and they think I'm crazy but there you have it. We are peelers.

And this beautiful dress is from the current Ottobre 3/09 (this dress but with different sleeves). It is so easy to sew up and hopefully will look cute on the birthday girl in a couple of weekends time. I am also making up the jacket that goes with it so stay tuned for more pics. Will try and take some of Miss E in said dress as well.

I have also been making costumes for Kindy and heaps of other stuff including curtains for Miss E and other assorted things. Photos to come when I'm organised!

Ciao ciao!

Mothers' Day

I know it's a bit late but I did have the best Mothers' Day ever! My gift was a scrapbooking weekend on the first weekend of May. Two whole nights and two whole days of just scrapbooking! It was heaven. I did 47 pages but failed to defend my title from last year of most pages completed. Oh well - will try again next year :)
THEN - as I was perusing the Weekend Shopper on saturday morning I noted that someone was selling off all their stamping/scrapbooking supplies JUST AROUND THE CORNER!! So of course I had to go and beautiful husband said "why don't you go and spend $50 there as part of your Mothers' Day present so we have something to wrap tomorrow?" And I was happy to oblige. Will post photos of that in another post - it deserves a post all of its own.

Here are some photos from my lovely day.
Here I am having breakfast in bed (beautiful bacon and pancakes made by my beautiful husband :) ) and showing off the beautiful artwork that O made for me at Kindy.
And here we are on the couch after a lovely roast lamb lunch (again beautifully cooked by my gourmet chef husband). We had MIL and SIL over for lunch and it was a lovely day.
Hope everyone else had as good a day as I did.