Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Heart Palpitations

I've started having them!

Because the beautiful little jacket I just finished for E to wear to her birthday party on Sunday just might be too small!! She seems to be a bit wider in the chest even though I made the 98cm - have made her 92cm shirts but different fit I guess. And it was really really hard. But it is so cute and just so beautiful.

Am staying calm because I *did* put it on over her pj's tonight so will wait for tomorrow and try it on with the dress.

Calm, blue ocean. Calm, blue ocean.

On another note - here are the party bags I've made for sunday. Because we're (I say "we" but of course I mean "I") having a Tea for Two theme as Miss E turns that magical number. So the party bags are teatowels from Big W - you know the standard red, blue and green checked ones that I've made into aprons with just the plain white tape that you can buy from woolies. I based it on this tute and they worked out really well. Each child gets the apron and in one of the pockets is a biscuit cutter and a laminated biscuit recipe card. In the other pocket is a snaplock bag of lollies. They ended up folding up really neatly so I'm pretty chuffed with how they look and I think they'll be well received. The little tags have pics of E in a chef's hat and says "thanks for coming to my party" - with each child's name on the back of the tag in nikko pen. Some pics below.

And just because I can't keep it a secret anymore- here are some pics of what Miss E is getting for her birthday. When we drop O off at Kindy she heads straight for home corner and checks out the dolls in the big cradle then has to touch every dial and knob on the oven/ microwave/sink/fridge and then open every door several times. She then checks out the pretend fruit and then I have to grab her and leave! So here's what we've got her. We got it last weekend and put it together and it is currently hiding under a sheet in the office.

It's a bit pink, isn't it? And I'm thinking that eventually I will paint over the Barbie logo and put her name there.

Anyway - I know she's going to love it even though it goes against the feminist grain somewhat. However, she'll love it and that's that :)


The Cherub's Craft Blog said...

Calm thoughts, calm thoughts - it will fit and it will be gorgeous!!!

And the kitchen is beautiful, she will LOVE it!!!!

And woo hoo on the party bags, you've gone all out :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! What little girl would love cooking up a storm on that :)
I'm sure the cardy will fit minus the's super cute!
The party bags are a fabulous idea too.