Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Someone is going to be *very* excited when they get home from school this afternoon!

Hopefully 'twill be dry so I can put it on his bed ready to go.

He's been such a wonderful, wonderful boy with all this school business. So when he saw this in the latest Big W catalogue the other day I went and got it. He used to have pyjamas with a glow in the dark skeleton on them which he loooooooved to pieces. So he was very excited when he saw this doona cover.

This photo is from winter 2008!! So I guess E will have the skeleton pj's this winter!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bag Lady.

It all started with this little purple bag.

O and E have been really into collecting "treasures". O will generally go and put them in his drawers in his bedroom, or, more usually, in his pockets where they often have a free ride in the washing machine :)

Miss E, however, likes to store her precious things in her "Barg" (bag).

Once the purple "barg" was full . . .

. . . as evidenced above, she then appropriated this beautifully handmade bag that I received from Mandy in a swap. She quilted the bag and it is quite exquisite with my name and some quavers on the front. Very cool and I love it. However, it is now the second receptacle for Miss E's treasures.

Yes - the purple "barg" now goes INTO the new bigger bag. With a whole heap of crap, I mean, treasures, including all the chalk from the blackboard. I had been wondering where it went to, until I opened her (my!!) bag and a whole heap of chalk dust wafted out. Mystery solved.

She keeps her Baby Alive nasal aspirator (yes I know - who knew a doll needed a nasal aspirator!!) and various cars that her brother trusted to her care (they're old ones Mum so she can have them) and various other bits and pieces that she has picked up over time.

As you can see she loooooooves her "barg" and it is so full it is literally bulging at the seams. But how cute is she? I don't have the heart to take it back.

She can often be found swinging it around by the beautifully crocheted string on the zipper - she also sucks on it so I can't vouch for its cleanliness.

And I should add that there is now ANOTHER bag that is bigger again. But this time she has decided not to put the above bag into the new bag. No, she is filling that one from scratch. It currently lives in her doll's stroller in her bedroom. It's nearly full too. She must have been a bag lady in a previous life.

But gosh she is cute! Lucky!!