Friday, August 27, 2010

Justine Clarke rocks!

Miss E and Master O loooooove Justine Clarke. And I have to say, I am quite partial to her as well. Her songs are great for kids and they're groovy as well so I don't mind listening to them ad infinitum - I know all the words! We were lucky enough to go to her recent concert two days ago and it was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it - great musicians and a great time.

Here we are waiting for the concert to start.

Miss E sat on my lap the whole time :-) I can understand that it must be overwhelming for a 3-yr-old. But she sang all the way home in the car.

A shot of O at the front of the stage - can't *really* call it a mosh-pit. He had a ball - showed Justine his newly lost toothy gap and got the thumbs up. He was very excited.

These inflatable balls were O's favourite - as evidenced by multiple pictures taken.

And there she is! With her dancing pants on. I highly recommend going to a Justine Clarke concert if you ever have the opportunity.

Tooth Fairy!

What a momentous occasion! The first visit from the Tooth Fairy! Master O has lost his first tooth - we're just not sure where! I think he must have swallowed it during the night or it's somewhere on the floor of his bedroom :-) He wasn't upset though, rather intrigued at the thought that he could have swallowed it. "Cool, mum!" he said.

The following photo is his favourite, needless to say :)

Can you see it mum??

It's amazing how one little tooth can change how they sound as well. There's the slightest whistle now :-) So cute!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sewing with Knits

Recently I've been inspired by a bunch of Crafty Mamas to start sewing with knits. Here are a few of my adventures.

This is Ottobre 4/2009 LIttle Maid shirt. Lovely pattern but the horse print is a rib and I think I stretched it a bit while sewing so it doesn't sit perfectly. I am going to try it again with a sturdier knit.

This is an IMKE from Sewing Clothes Kids Love. This is becoming a favourite and I've already made three! I only have pics of two though as the third one was a present for someone and I forgot to photograph before we gave it!

Here is Miss E's IMKE

Purple is Stella knit from Crafty Mamas shop and the pink is from the op shop :)

And here's Mr O's IMKE

And yes, he *wanted* to look like a stunned mullet in the photo. With milo on his face. The pattern knit has ninjas all over it so he loooooooves it.

I think I have to learn more about how to use my overlocker though - it's not being nice to me :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Making do with what's in the shed.

Miss E has been very helpful with hanging out and bringing in the clothes lately. After I picked her up for the 2nd time yesterday to peg a washer on the line, and heard my spine creak under the pressure, I decided it would be better Workplace Health and Safety Practice if I made her a clothesline her own size.

I My initial thought process was "Where will I get one? How much will it cost? Maybe there's an second hand one on ebay? I'll scour the markets next Sunday morning?" None of these thoughts were satisfying as I needed (or, rather, my back needed) a child-sized clothesline *immediately*!

I caught sight of some garden stakes and I had an A-ha moment! "A-ha!" I thought. "I shall build one myself!" So I did, with two timber garden stakes, some galvanised wire, electrical tape (to cover pointy bits), pliers and a sledge hammer. Within 5 minutes she had her dream clothesline and was happily pinning up socks and undies.

Then Miss E said "I need a basket Mummy" and I remembered that I had an old basket with two handles, not unlike a laundry basket, that we had got a Christmas hamper in many years ago. Perfect! So there *is* a good reason to keep things :-)

I am loving myself sick over this! And more importantly, MIss E is in hanging-out heaven. Win-win.

Thanks for looking.