Friday, August 27, 2010

Justine Clarke rocks!

Miss E and Master O loooooove Justine Clarke. And I have to say, I am quite partial to her as well. Her songs are great for kids and they're groovy as well so I don't mind listening to them ad infinitum - I know all the words! We were lucky enough to go to her recent concert two days ago and it was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it - great musicians and a great time.

Here we are waiting for the concert to start.

Miss E sat on my lap the whole time :-) I can understand that it must be overwhelming for a 3-yr-old. But she sang all the way home in the car.

A shot of O at the front of the stage - can't *really* call it a mosh-pit. He had a ball - showed Justine his newly lost toothy gap and got the thumbs up. He was very excited.

These inflatable balls were O's favourite - as evidenced by multiple pictures taken.

And there she is! With her dancing pants on. I highly recommend going to a Justine Clarke concert if you ever have the opportunity.


Sally said...

We love Justine at our place too!

Tas said...

I love Justine. The men took the kids to see her last year and were disappointed as she didn't dress like Hi-5 lol!