Friday, September 25, 2009

Kindy costumes

Have had these on my to do list for awhile. Thought I'd post some pics. I volunteered to make up some kindy dress-ups that weren't ballet skirts or fairy-related :) I've already made a mechanics jumpsuit and some cowboy chaps - but I forgot to take pics of them! I'm making another mechanic's jumpsuit so I'll take pics of that when I'm done.

Here are a few doctors' coats and some vests - both from a Butterick kids' costume pattern that I got from Lesley when she had a clean-out :) The coats came from an old bed sheet so they are quite stiff and sturdy like medical coats are. I don't think they would have worked very well if they were from polycotton.
The coat is a size 5 - the biggest the pattern went up to. I don't know that I'd bother making it smaller ever. Here is Miss E in the same coat. Now, she is a tall 2-year-old but still - she'd grow out of it quickly enough!

The red crosses are painted on with really cool fabric textas that I got from Crafty Mamas - my favourite shop :)
These are the vests, from the same costume pattern as the coats - one out of fluoro fabric and the other of a cow print. Master O wouldn't wear the cow print so Baby Girl obliged. They're both size 5 as well - again I would never bother making a smaller one for E.
These were so quick to whip up - love fast, satisfying jobs, especially ones that don't cost a whole lot.
Pattern - free
Material - old bed sheet that was given to us
Fluoro - about $1
Cow - about $2
Now to make some for the kids to keep.


Sara said...

They're fantastic! I'm sure the kindy will enjoy them.
E's smile always cracks me up. :)

Julie said...

wow - Miss E was in a very photogenic mood wasn't she! so funny :) they're great. yes, please make some for your own children so we can borrow them in the future! (how appropriate that the word verification for this comment is 'stingie'...)

Kat said...


Nicki said...

Nice kids costumes!! I'm just looking for the different kind of Halloween costumes for my kids...