Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Party Photos

Thought I might share some more Pics from the Big Boy's birthday party from last weekend. As it was apirate party we decided to do a treasure hunt. With the help from a lovely friend who is an art teacher, I made this treasure chest.

It's a box that the kids' new sleeping bags came in - perfect size. I just covered it in the wood-grain contact that costs about $2 a roll at the $2 shop and put some stickers on that we also found at the $2 for around $4 I think. The contents of the treasure chest for the kindy party was a whole heap of plastic gold coins, some pirate hooks (styrofoam cups with pipe-cleaner hooks and a folded straw to hold onto inside the cup) and the alfoil covered paper towel tubes were the makeshift telescopes. There were also some eyepatches in there as well but I bought them as well. Also for the jewels we had some bead necklaces and big chunky palstic rings, 6 of each for $4. The little boys loved it! It is looking a bit the worse for wear in these photos.

For the family party the following weekend there was a heap of chocolate coins, some party blowers and some party hats. The kids loved finding the clues and traipsing around the house and yard to find the next clue.

The cake is from the Women's Weekly Kids' party cakes book. The Ghostly Galleon.

Here you can see my attempt at writing with icing. Not toooo bad. I'm sure I'll get lots of practise over the years.

And here is my little pirate showing his tough pirate tatts :)
I was also happy with how the decorations turned out. I made a whole heap os black flag shapes and stuck each with a round white circle of white contact paper - I was trying to find circular printing labels which I have seen before but could not find anywhere! I trimmed the circles to look like skull shapes - just a small trim on each side - and drew the bones on with liquid paper. Then drew eyes and teeth on with black sharpie pen. They look good from far away :) This is the best picture I have as I forgot to take any photos of them when they were up. And now they are at Kindy ready for the last day of term's Pirate Day.
Thanks for looking.

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