Monday, September 7, 2009

Big Boy Birthday!

Well the day came yesterday . . . my little baby turned five! I can still remember the day he was born five years ago. I was 32 weeks pregnant and my waters broke! So the first five weeks of his life he lived in the hospital. They took such good care of him - and now he's five!

Here he is at 3 days old - so tiny!

And here he is only last weekend getting ready for a cowboy birthday party for a kindy friend. This is him galloping :)

And my two little chickens in front of our fishtank. I think I'll take a photo of them in front of the tank at each birthday from now on to see their growth - something to compare them with.

And another photo of my big boy just because he is so darn cute!

This was the most popular present - a bowling set from National Geographic shop. The pins and ball are really nicely weighted so you actually feel like you are bowling. Plus there is a pin template made of plastic which you lay on the floor so an adult is not needed to set up the pins repeatedly :) Everyone's a winner!

And of course . . . . Mousetrap!

Happy Birthday my big fella! Love you!


Tracy said...

Happy Birthday big Boy :D Oh he was sooo tiny!

Julie said...

oh my god - i don't think i'd ever seen that photo of Oscar when he was first born! such a little bubba :)

Kirsten said...

I'm a bit late for a happy birthday...isn't it amazing how they grow though - and how overwhelming that experience is, isn't? My 7 yrold was a 33 weeker, and you'd never know just how tiny he was starting out.

Kat said...

Thank you lovelies :) Yes he was tiny - although he was big for a 32 weeker at 2048grams! It's so nice to hear of other prems who are growing big and strong :)