Thursday, October 30, 2008

Updated Oppy Finds

Here are some better pics of everything I got for $5 from the Salvo's last week.
The jersey, clouds, pink fleecy cotton and red t'shirt fabrics.
The placemats, tablecloth (to become arons) and two lovely little linen/cotton tablecloths (will become dresses for Eliza). Second pic the detail of the embroidery and edges.
Four pillow cases - cream damask, yellow with kite, purple and purple flowers - all to become dresses or pyjamas for Eliza.

And the blue floral cotton, blue/pink pillowcase and pink crinkle cotton which I think must have been a table cloth in a past life.

I will be adding some more photos of what I picked up at a little local church op-shop. I have to go back there without kids as it is almost literally a hole in the wall and there is very little room in the shop. But there was a treasure trove of things there - will post pics later.

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