Thursday, October 16, 2008

Move over Batman! Make room for Boy Wonder!

As you may have realised, O is a big Batman nut. Not the new one . .. no . . . he's a hardcore 60's Batman fan. He has owned a brown teddy since he was born. Its name *was* Dudley but in the last 12 months has changed to Parb. Yes. I know.

DH and I were talking about how cute it would be if Parb had a Robin costume as O loves wearing his $2 Batman mask from Kmart (the one in the cake photos from his birthday).

So this morning, while E was asleep, O "helped" me make this.

Isn't he cute??

Once Robin-Parb was finished O decided that Puppy (his other but definitely 2nd favourite bedtime toy) needed a batman costume. Well I didn't have enough black felt to do an elaborate batman costume but O and I came up with this.

Only a cape and a mask but O was happy with that. We decided it would be too hard to make the pointy batman ears.

Here they are together. I know that, strictly speaking, Batman is taller - but Puppy's had a bit of neck-hugging action over the last four or so years so he's looking a leeetle bit limp.

And finally, an action shot of the Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder fighting crime on our deck.

It was a lovely morning of crafty/sewing goodness. O actually used my sewing machine for the first time and I think he was a bit awed by the power! Which is good because it means he probably won't want to fiddle with it when I'm not there. Young Lady however, I'm going to have to watch . . .


Tracy said...

Oh too too cute :)I won't show my Liam or he'll make me sew for his teddy!

Katie said...

OMG they are soooo cool!!!

Sara said...

Soooooo adorable!

Kat said...

thank you :) We're quite chuffed with it here.