Friday, October 17, 2008

What to do?

We are generally a "no ice-cream family". Because if we buy it, it just gets eaten. Really quickly. So better not to have it in the house.

We only ever buy it if we have people coming over - which leads to my problem. We had this tiny bit of ice-cream left in the freezer, so I bought some ice magic and I hid it so that (a) it wouldn't look me in the face every time I opened the pantry and (b) my husband didn't eat it before I'd had a chance :) So I really enjoyed my bit of leftover ice-cream with choc-mint ice magic. However, I was left with a 3/4 full bottle of ice-magic with no ice-cream.

Of course I had to buy some more ice-cream and yes, thank you, that ice magic was yummy and is now gone.

My dilemma - I now have a nearly full tub of ice-cream which, clearly is yelling out to be slathered in ice magic.

Do you see the horrible vicious circle?????????

I am now on come-down from ice-magic. I always know it's going to happen but something in me just reaches out and grabs that bottle off the shelf.

Can you relate to this?


The Handmaden said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! I don't think I've had ice magic since I was a kid, but you've got me thinking now! Hey, you don't work for the makers of ice magic do you?......

Kat said...

No handmaden but that's not a bad idea . . . .