Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Beanstalk action.

So here is how we are situated now. We have three clouds, from left to right is O's, mine and then E's :) She subscribes to the "less is more" school of design.

On the top is O's artwork - the Giant's castle with the Giant poking his head out. The Giant, as well as the O figure and the Mummy figure are all separate and have little cardboard sticks on them so we can make up stories and move them around. O decided he didn't want pegs on them - he wanted sticks. So there you go. Glad I didn't rush out and buy a bag of dolls clothes pegs!
And here is O, Mummy and their house.

Master O's version of the story is . . . .
Once upon a time there was a boy named O and his mummy. They lived in a house and one day the Mummy asked O to go to the markets to get some food. He came back with lots of vegetables and ice-cream for dessert. He grew big and strong because he ate his vegetables. Then they threw the beans out the window and went to bed.
Next morning they woke up and looked out the window (much throwing up of hands and exclaiming) and there was a GIANT BEANSTALK!!!! It was so cool. So O climbed it and went up to the top through the clouds. He knocked on the door and the giant was there and he said "come on in O!" He wasn't mean at all - he was a friendly giant. His name was Mr Friendly. Then O's mummy climbed up and they all had a cuppa tea.
The End.
I love his stories - but then I am a sucker for a happy ending :)

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