Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fly me to the moon . . .

Having saved all these boxes, I decided to use some of them. I got a slow cooker for my birthday (yay!) and the Styrofoam packing seemed to be a good size to form some structural support for a cardboard car - the last one we made was very sad and droopy :-)

So we started with this frame . . .

. . . and this fruit box . . .

I trimmed the inner circle of the Styrofoam so it was a touch bigger and then pushed it into the bottom of the fruit box - and it fit perfectly!

A quick check for size . . . all good!

Next we added some wings (yes, by now we had changed from a car to a plane!) and I thought we were finished! But Master O reminded me that planes have nose cones. So we added that too.

Here's a close up of how we added the wings and nose cone - just a simple tongue and groove arrangement. Works quite well!

Next was a coat of paint and we were done for the day. Had to let it dry overnight.

Some headlights and . . . . . it was ready for take off!!