Thursday, January 21, 2010


I bought this pattern a while ago because it was so darn cute! It is a Shmerpi and the pattern is by One Red Robin, or Jhoanna Monte. I love that she is Australian too - she lives in Melbourne. Have a look at her blog - it is full of lovely goodness.

Anyway! I made a Shmerpi for one of my beautiful nieces who is turning 8 on Sunday.

I used op-shop purple fleecy backed tracksuit material for the body, acrylic felt for the face, heart and pocket tabs. The lovely clothes were made from some lovely fabric I got in a Crafty Mama's swap from Lissylou.

Here is the Shmerp looking pensive and bit nervous about meeting her new owner. Or that could just be my still-to-be-developed embroidery skills :)

Although she does look kind of happy in this shot, don't you think?

Arms crossed and very nonchalant.

Just hangin'.

I really enjoyed making her and I hope that Miss O loves her to pieces. The clothes were really easy to make and go on easily. This is such a lovely pattern. The only thing I would change in the instructions would be to stuff the legs AFTER sewing the front and back together, as instructed for the arms. The pattern pieces actually imply this, but being the stickler that I am, I followed the written instructions, not the markings on the pattern. Do you know how hard it is to sew the front and back of a softie together with two incredibly well-stuffed limbs sandwiched in between! It took me many, many, many goes to get it right. So if you have this pattern, are going to buy this pattern, or borrow it from me (Julie ;) ) then heed my warning!

Thanks for looking :)

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Julie said...

ha ha! Thanks for that tip kat - i will heed your warning :) It's such a cute pattern!