Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Day AOK!

Master O started prep yesterday and my goodness it went well! Not that we were expecting any other outcome - he has literally been busting to get to school since Kindy finished last year.

It was such a wonderful day. I didn't even get teary. I think it hit me this morning when I dropped him off ("Mummy, I'm so excited about my second day at school!") and as soon as we got outside the classroom he put his bag away and said "Ok bye mummy! You can go now."

My baby is no longer my baby! But it's all good - I'm so glad he's had a lovely first day.

And here are my lovely kids waiting outside the classroom.

The beginning of a new era.

1 comment:

zofia said...

He looks so big wearing his uniform!
Glad that went well. I see my T following suit!
Great pic of the 3 of you.