Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My vegies - first harvest

We had some lovely sweet corn tonight with dinner, harvested 5 minutes before being cooked and eaten! It was lovely and sweet although I think it probably could have done with another week or so to get a bit bigger.

Here are some pics of my lovely garden.

My Yellow Zucchini and my Green Zucchini

My lovely cucumber vine and my new tomato bush - it is Beef Eater Variety. I've only ever grown cherry tomatoes before so if you have any tips for me that would be great!

My lovely tall corn stalks and some succulent lettuces.

Another pic of my other green zucchini and a lovely picture of me holding my dinnertime harvest.
Now you can't really see in the photos but the lower leaves of all my zucchini plants die off and go a bit yellow/brown and then what looks to me like mouldy. I just cut them off and put them in the bin - I'm just not sure if the mould is bad or not or just normal part of growing zucchini. I remember when I have grown broccoli that it would do a similar thing. Any ideas or experiences you can share?

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Kate said...

Very jealous of your green thumb Kat. I one day hope to acheive such a garden hehe