Friday, January 23, 2009

Busy Busy morning!

While DH and DS were out shopping for fridges for various family members I stayed at home with DD and sewed while she slept :) Here's what was created.

First of all here are sheets for O's new "big boy Kindy" which he starts next Thursday. Beautiful quilting cotton that was only $4/metre reduced at Spotlight. I think it's a Michael Miller print? Not sure - but it is beautiful quality and lovely to sew.
I made fitted sheet, sheet, pillow case and drawstring bag. Quite impressed with myself to be honest. Wasn't planning the pillowcase or the bag but there you go! Bonus!

And this lovely lady is for a Softie swap on Crafty Mamas forum. I hope my recipient likes it! She is based on a chicken softie I had (and still have!!) as a child.