Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sock Monster

I made a Sock Monster for my nephew's 8th birthday a couple of weeks ago. I thought a sock monkey might be a bit tame so I decided on a monster and thought I'd tailor it to suit my nephew's predilection for bodily noises.

I called him Stinky McSniffer and, as you can see, some flatulence is escaping from his cute little bottom. I really enjoyed making this one. I made another sock monster last week for another niece's birthday but alas, I did not take photos. I will have to get some when I see her next.

Here's Stinky from the front.

And from behind :-)

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Jetta's Nest said...

LOL!! I love Stinky McSniffer!!! Have you seen the Stupid Sock Creatures book? It's got loads of fun and stinky sock creatures to make in it.