Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Gifts!

Here are some of the gifts I've been working on.

For my sister - a reading pillow from this pattern


Assorted I-spy bags for adult friends. Hopefully they won't go completely nuts from trying to find tiny things.

An apron for one of my friends.

Yet another sock monkey - this time for my nephew and it is made from really long football socks. So he is reeeeeeeaaallly tall and gangly. With cauliflower ears, black eye and the other eye swollen shut :) I enjoyed making him.

But the thing that I'm most excited about is the Doll cradle/carrier I made for Miss E. My friend, Donna, made a beautiful, beautiful doll for E - isn't she gorgeous?

And here is the carrier with matching pillow and sheet. I'm hoping she will love it to bits! It was really easy to make and you can find the tutorial here.

So I think I'm just about finished making all the Christmas presents. I also made four raggy quilts but haven't photographed them yet. I'm really happy with how they turned out too.

All in all I'm very excited to have made the majority of our Christmas presents this year. It's been really fun and I'm hoping to do it again next year.


Mel said...

These are all so great Kat! Well done to you! Did you use a pattern for the apron? I am after a simple pattern. I have a good one for a half apron and bought a pattern for ones a little mor complicated but wouldn't mind an easy full apron pattern if you care to share :)

Kat said...

Hi Mel! I just traced it off an apron I already had. I folded the fabric in half and just cut a curved part out (not on the fold). I cut two the same and sewed them right sides together around the sides and bottom leaving the top and arm bits so I could turn it inside out. Then I pressed and top-stitched the sides and bottom. Then I used ready-made bhias binding to bing first the top straight part and then the curved arm holes. Just making sure that there was enough binding to do the ties. I'm sure I've seen a tute somehwere for it. Off to look!

Kat said...

Mel! There's this one
and this one is closest to what I do


Mel said...

Thanks heaps Kat!

Lesley said...

Wow Kat, everything looks divine, you have been so busy :)