Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Boy is 4!

Well my big boy turned 4 last Sunday (fathers' Day) and he is really excited about being "a big boy now". It's very cute. For the last year he has been so excited about turning 4 at his next birthday. What's the first thing he asked me during our bedtime ritual on the night of his birthday? "Will I be 5 my next birthday?"

We're having a batman themed party for him this weekend which should be fun. I am doing batman party bags so will take some pics of all the paraphernalia tomorrow when I have it all sorted.

I'm really looking forward to it.


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Ruth said...

How did the party go? I can't wait to see pics! :-)

4 is definitely the age of becoming a "big kid"... My Jacob is 4 and he is just the same.

Ruth xx